Terms of Service

Refunds on Events / Retreats

There are no refunds on events / retreats due to all student / attendee funds being allocated to arranging the event / retreat, including accommodation and other
expenses incurred by Unbiasys. For Travel / Retreat payments, ensure you take travel insurance out (at your own expense) to cover for any unforeseen circumstances that may result in you not being able to attend. Once deposit has been paid, you are locked in, and remainder payments are payable by you until full payment of your ticket, has been received by Unbiasys.



You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-­refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund. Not for Resale All Digital Download Products or Online Products / Programs must not be resold, or  otherwise transferred.


File Transfer

You must not allow copying of any Digital Download Products including, but not limited to, copying through file sharing networks or sharing your login details to
anyone other than yourself.

Marks of Ownership
You must not remove or alter any mark of ownership, copyright, trademark watermarks or other property right which is embodied on any Digital Download
Products or Online Products/Programs/Courses including its documentation.

All title, Copyright and intellectual property rights in and to the Digital Download Products or Online Products/Programs/Courses, and any installation of Digital
Download Products or Online Products/Programs/Courses are owned by Unbiasys. Storage or sharing of this intellectual property by any means electronic or otherwise, that is contrary to this agreement, may result in prosecution. All fees or costs incurred byUnbiasys. to prosecute due to failure of complying with our terms, will be  payable by you.


Digital Content Cancellation Rights:
a. You have the right to withdraw from your purchase within 7 days of receipt of your full payment / initial payment / or holding deposit paid to Unbiasys (or affiliated mentors or facilitators of Unbiasys). This is defined as completion of the Debit Card / Credit Card purchase transaction or Paypal Purchase Transaction. At this point an email with download link or login details is sent to the buyers email address as provided during payment transaction process.


b. Unbiasys. reserves the right to not refund a digital content order once delivery of the product has begun. The download service or login details commences

immediately after completion of the purchase transaction (full payment, initial payment within a payment plan arrangement, or a holding deposit) and you will not
have the right to withdraw or cancel your order after this point. If you have not received the login details, in the event you have simply paid a holding deposit only,
you are still subject to the Refund Policy (stating a refund minus deposit can be requested within 7 days of receipt of first payment – so no further payments will be

If you cancel any payment plans in place for the purchase or membership of digital content / courses / products outside of the 7 days Return Policy Terms, full payment of any outstanding fees will apply and action will be taken by Unbiasys. (or affiliated mentors and facilitators of Unbiasys.) to recoup all
outstanding payments owed. All legal action will be at the client’s / student’s expense.


Events / Retreats

The following conditions apply for all Retreats (local and International): Unbiasys. will advise regarding any visa and travel requirements (for international
retreats), however it is your final responsibility to ensure your travel documents are in order. As it is the requirement of most countries, please ensure your passport is valid for at least six months after the return date. Unbiasys. strongly advises that you have adequate comprehensive travel insurance to include full cover for the duration of your journey. Although we offer full care, we cannot accept any responsibility if you choose not to cover yourself appropriately.  Unbiasys. takes no responsibility for your flights & hotels & any travel cost. By making payment of a deposit or full payment for any Event / Retreat run by Unbiasys., you are accepting Unbiasys’s Terms and Conditions. 

The balance of all money due shall be paid by the customer to Unbiasys. as per  payment agreement. If payment is not made as per payment agreement, then all

monies paid up until that point will be forfeited and your reserved spot at the event or retreat will be cancelled (no refund will be provided on any money paid up to that point).
Please note all Events and Retreats are photographed and recorded via video and used on social media, in print and for marketing purposes with no limitations. By
joining any of our events, you accept this term.


Contact Us

If you have any questions on privacy policy and terms and conditions, contact us via
the contact us page on our website or via email at akash@unbiasys.com

phone no: +91-8813888632